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Port Talbot Town DFC Premiership A

Home Page for all news related solely to the Premiership A Team of Port Talbot Town DFC

The Premiership A Team is the Port Talbot Town DFC Intermediate Level Squad, These players will represent Port Talbot against Premiership (Welsh Banding) and League (English Banding) Teams in Friendlies and Competition.

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2021/22 Season


23/5/21 K/O 12.15pm

Kidderminster A.W (H)

A/B Combined Squad vs Kidderminster Athletic Warriors FC

22/8/21 K/O 13.30

Kidderminster A.W (A)

Champions League/Premiership Squads Combined vs Kidderminster Athletic Warriors FC


New Inn PAN DFC (H)

Champions League/Premiership Squads Combined vs  New Inn PAN DFC

New Inn PAN DFC (H)

Premiership & Championship Squads Combined vs  New Inn PAN DFC

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Past Events

New Inn (H)

Friendly 09/10/21
PTTDFC Champions League & Premiership 0 - 0 New Inn

PTTDFC Premiership & Championship 0 - 3 New Inn 

The Team

Who We Are

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Rhys Jenkins


Played     Goals     Conceded

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