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Match Report

Port Talbot Town DFC vs New Inn PAN DFC
Friendly 09/10/21
Vivian Park, Port Talbot

On a Overcast Saturday afternoon Port Talbot Town DFC welcomed New Inn to Vivian Park to take part in a friendly at All Abilities

The two teams would play each other three times with PTTDFC fielding a Championship Ability, Premiership Ability & a  Mixed Ability Line Up All games were 20 minutes each.

Game 1

PTTDFC Championship vs New Inn

Port Talbot playing in their all blue training kit kicked off playing from right to left

Within the first minute Port Talbot had an attacking free kick on the left hand side which was blocked by the first man and after a scramble ended out for a New Inn roll in.

New Inn pressed the Port Talbot Goal but could not find the opener as the ball was cleared down the line.

3 minutes in after some lovely football New Inn opened the scoring with a low driven shot which rebounded off the Port Talbot Keeper into the bottom corner, 0-1 New Inn.

From Kick Off New Inn started too attack but a good counter led to a Port Talbot corner which was over hit and the two teams battled out in Midfield.

6 Minutes in New Inn had the chance to double their lead but the shot was seen over the crossbar.Port Talbot had a chance on goal after 7 minutes but this was seen off by the New Inn defence to be put out for another Port Talbot corner. A low driven driven corner was seen out by the first man for another Port Talbot corner. Another low ball in saw a scramble in the New Inn box but the ball was eventually cleared and Port Talbot attacked again but the ball ended up out for a Goal Kick. From the Goal Kick New Inn attacked the Port Talbot Goal and after a lovely cross the New Inn Attacker couldn't get on to the ball.

From the Goal Kick after some passing play in defence a lovely ball forward and a good turn by the Port Talbot attacker led to a chance but a heavy touch saw the ball out of play for a New Inn Goal Kick. 

From the Goal kick and halfway through the game New Inn once again made a charge for the Port Talbot goal and a close range finish saw New Inn double their lead., 0-2. 

Port Talbot kicked off and New Inn now with their tails up attacked again but their shot was wide of the target. Port Talbot were awarded a free kick just inside their half and from the resulting free kick which was taken long saw the ball knocked out for a Port Talbot roll in, this led to another chance for Port Talbot but unfortunately the shot rebounded off the back of a Port Talbot player and out for a New Inn roll in. The following attack ended up in another Goal Kick to Port Talbot.

 After some more sustained pressure by New Inn the ball was seen out for a Port Talbot Roll in after a heavy cross from the New Inn player.

After sustained pressure on 17th minute New Inn scored their 3rd goal, 0-3.

From the kick off Port Talbot were switched off and New Inn capitalised and scored their 4th of the game,   0-4.

New Inn continued to attack in the closing stages but could not add their fifth of the game.

After 20 minutes the referee blew for full time.











Game 2

PTTDFC Premiership vs New Inn

New Inn started the second game kicking off from left to right.

The first attack of the game went in Port Talbot's favour but the New Inn defence held up and the ball ended up off the pitch for a Port Talbot Roll In. Still inside the first minute Port Talbot had their second chance at goal but the attacking player was beaten to the ball by the New Inn keeper. In the 2nd Minute New Inn had their first attempt at goal which was saved and put out for a corner by the Port Talbot keeper. From the corner New Inn almost opened the scoring but failed to do so as the ball went out for a goal kick.

New Inn had another chance at goal from a free kick after a handball by a Port Talbot defender however the keeper saw the final shot wide of the post.

New Inn once again failed to open the scoring when a shot fooled the Port Talbot keeper who was sent the wrong way but the shot flew past the post.

From the resulting free kick New Inn caught Port Talbot napping at the back and once again drew their final shot wide of the target.

After some football tennis New Inn had another attempt at goal but the shot was well saved and held by the Port Talbot Keeper.

In the 7th minute New Inn had a chance from a corner but the ball was headed wide.

9 minutes in and from a counter attack Port Talbot had a good effort at goal which was well saved by the feet of the New Inn Keeper who deflected it out for a Port Talbot corner. From the corner after a poor defensive header Port Talbot had another chance but the ball was cleared by the New Inn defender.

Halfway through the game New Inn had the best chance of the game so far but the Port Talbot defence held on to clear the ball just from in front of the line, the following clearance fell to New Inn but the player couldn't get his footing and was well tackled for the ball to be put out of play.

Port Talbot were awarded a free kick in the attacking half and played it short, after some good passing Port Talbot got the cross in but the final shot was put high and wide.

New Inn again went very close in the 16th minute when from a corner a well placed shot towards the bottom corner of the goal but again the Port Talbot defence managed to clear it away just before the ball crossed the line.

In the 18th minute after some good football played Port Talbot fashioned another chance but the shot was wide of the goal.

In the final minute of the game Port Talbot had another shot on target but it was well blocked by the New Inn defender and put out for a Port Talbot roll in.

In the last few seconds Port Talbot were awarded a corner and almost stole the game with a well placed shot but the New Inn keeper got down low to save the shot. from the resulting clearance the referee blew for full time.










Game 3

PTTDFC Championship & Premiership vs New Inn

In the final game of the day a mixed ability Port Talbot side took to the field to play New Inn.

Port Talbot started the game playing from right to left.

Port Talbot had the first attack of the game and their shot was put out for a corner kick, the corner was wild and missed everyone in the box and New Inn tried a counter attack but the Port Talbot defence held on.

in the 2nd minute New Inn were awarded a free kick in the attacking half after a late challenge by a Port Talbot defender. From the free kick which was a good cross into the Port Talbot box the defence cleared the ball out for a New Inn corner. From the corner Port Talbot initially dealt with it but did not pick up the incoming attacker who struck home with a well hit shot, 0-1 (3 min)

From kick off Port Talbot were caught napping and New inn ran through them like a hot knife through butter and after rounding the keeper the New Inn striker had a simple tap in to add New inn's 2nd,          0-2 (4 mins).

Almost immediately Port Talbot could have been 3 down after a midfield scramble but the resulting shot was seen wide by the Port Talbot keeper.

7 minutes in New Inn had another corner but this was well dealt with bu the Port Talbot defence.

Another New Inn attack led to a great chance but the Port Talbot keeper held onto the New Inn shot and from a long ball Port Talbot had a chance to pull one back but the shot was well saved by the New inn keeper..

The pace of the game didn't slow down as from New Inn's long ball they opened up Port Talbot and forced the Port Talbot keeper into another save.

New Inn continued to pile on the pressure on Port Talbot winning roll in's and corners but the Port Talbot defence held on valiantly 

in the 15th Minute after so much pressure Port Talbot finally managed to attack, however their final product was a shot wide of the target.

As the game entered the last few minutes New Inn with a cross from the right hand side was almost dealt with by the Port Talbot defence but the extra New Inn runner was unmarked to head in for New inn's 3rd of the game, 0-3 (17 mins)

New Inn once again almost caught Port Talbot napping from kick off but luckily for them the resulting cross ended up going out of play for a Goal Kick.

19 minutes in Port Talbot had yet another chance to pull a goal back but the New Inn defence were well organised to snuff out the attack.

In the last minute Port Talbot were extremely close to making it 3-1 but their shot was straight at the keeper who could only parry it out for a corner. The resulting corner led to a scramble in the box in which the New Inn keeper came out on top.

Going into added time after a long ball from the New Inn keeper Port Talbot tried one last attack from the back however the full time whistle was blown before the attack could materialise.

In what was a hard day for the Port Talbot Squads they showed character and where there are positives there are also lessons to be learnt.

Port Talbot would like to thank New Inn for travelling down for this friendly and a safe journey back to Torfaen and we look forward to our meetings in the League season.

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