About Us

A History of the Club

The Club Started its life in 1996 as Bridgend DFC and competed in the first ever National Multi Disability League. Playing monthly fixtures against clubs such as Chelsea, Millwall, Northampton Town, Bristol City, Stoke and Grimsby to name just a few, as well as participating in various festivals tournaments and promotional events round England. In 2010, Bridgend DFC relocated to Port Talbot and and changed its name. Since then Soccability has continued to provide football as its main activity outlet for the organisation. Soccability has competed in small sided leagues around South and Mid England while travelling farther East and North for Special events such as the 24 hour Sport Relief event and fundraiser to help the families who lost members in the unfortunate Manchester Bombings. In 2018, as the organisation grew and attracted members from all around South Wales, Soccability was rebranded as South Wales Soccability. While the organisation still at this time participated in events in England, the aims to improve the lives of those with Disabilities through Sport was starting to show. 2019 was a major milestone and turning point for South Wales Soccability with the appointment of a new chairman and project manger along with a new members Committee. "Building on Ability not Disability, Together" development plan was launched with its aims of improving the lives of the disabled and socially excluded members of the community, not only through sport but also through education and working in the local community. The Football side of things through the new project also saw a return to Wales to compete against teams from across South & West Wales and in 2021 helped pioneer a new Welsh 11 a side league for Disabled Footballers.

On May 11th 2021 South Wales Soccability signed an agreement to become the Official Disability Club for Port Talbot Town FC and re-branded as Port Talbot Town DFC